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The Association membership is made up of Los Angeles County School of Nursing graduates and honorary members. New graduates enjoy complimentary membership until the end of the year of their graduation.
Membership dues are $20 yearly. These dues, and other donations, help to support the Annie M. Yates (Class of 1912) scholarship, the Carol Kelly Memorial scholarship, the Liddy Dye book scholarship, various programs and the semi-annual newsletter sent to all members.
It is an especially exciting time to become part of this fast paced, rewarding profession. And there is no place in the world like Los Angeles County College of Nursing and Allied Health to prepare for the future.

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Member Only Sections

Becoming a member will give you access to the following:

Periodic Newsletters - Here you will find our annual newsletter which details recipients of awards and scholarships, donations, interesting facts and stories about our alumni, and a letter from our President.

Alumni Stories - section where members can read and post messages, view showcases, and be privy to special announcements

Member Community - You have the ability to view and follow other members on this website. Enabling you to find classmates, plan events and reunions, and to reconnect! 

Step 1

Online Submission

Fill out the form below, every box needs to be filled in. The information you provide is used to connect you to member services, such as getting information about upcoming events, new developments, and reunion activities. Once you are done, click the button below and you will be able to pay for your membership:

Alumni Membership - $20/year

Lifetime Alumni Membership - One time payment of $400 

>20 Years Graduate - For those who have graduated more than 20 years ago, complimentary membership

New Grad Membership - All new graduates are given their first year of membership for free! Just fill out the form below with your graduation year

Information submitted! Thank you, you may proceed to the next step!

You may be asked to create a login to continue with the purchase. You will have to create one to continue. 

Please fill in all the boxes correctly!

 Step 2 

Choose your Membership

  • Alumni Member

    Connect with other Alumni!
    Valid for one year
    • You will have access to Members Only conent
    • Alumni Stories
    • Newsletter
    • Members Community
  • >20 Years Graduate

    Graduated more than 20 years ago Lifetime membership
    Free Plan
    • You have access to the same content!
  • Lifetime Membership

    Pay one time and one time only!
    • You will have access to Members Only Content
    • Alumni Stories
    • Newsletter
    • Members Community
  • Recent Grad

    You must give your graduation year
    Valid for one year
    • Complementary 1 year membership for graduating!
  • 5-Year Membership

    Valid for 5 years
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